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​​PASKAL enters the SS’23 season with a new sensitivity-driven collection. The blooming nature of beauty is visualized through intricate designs. Julie Paskal builds a bridge between reality and dream, and it’s paved with laser-cut bows.

SS’23 collection sets the stage for abiding femininity. All of its forms readily come to the surface, as if magnetized to Julie Paskal’s vision. This innate diversity is synchronized with the lineage of dresses—from the playful baby-doll styles to slips to evening gowns—which are the central category of the spring-summer offering. Eclectic and naïve worldview system is seen through sheer fabrics, flared silhouettes, and cotton candy color palette.

Roses are red, violets are blue, PASKAL garments are naturally vivid. Organza and tulle are dyed pastel beige, neon-ish lime, unshy pink, and gentle lilac. Tenderly built gradients are opposed to the red and the black. Julie’s architectural background reveals itself in the sculptural cuts which are the pillar of the brand’s aesthetics. Equally wearable and artistic, the shapes are constructed to blossom on a woman’s body.

Asymmetrical tops and weightless dresses are decorated with laser-cut hearts and flower petals, arranged into unique three-dimensional patterns. Another highlight of the collection is hand-folded bows which form a new, airy materiality of tangible openness. Meticulous ruffles and draperies contribute to playful yet compelling imagery.

The complexity of emotion, beauty, and sexuality is explored in each item, with an uncompromisingly free and fearless PASKAL attitude.