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Exploration of life and death formed the basis of PASKAL Spring-Summer 2021 collection. The designer Julie Paskal was experiencing constant cycles of desperation and hope and decided to use this collection as a medium to reflect her recent feelings. 

Visually collection is divided into two independent blocks. The achromatic section is an embodiment of slowly fading external and internal nature. While the colored block is a celebration of its revival. Bright splashes of sunny yellow, electric blue and neon pink are the metaphor of hope — sprouting of the extraterrestrial flowers on the lifeless ground. 

The designer refers to the flower as a symbol of vitality and uses it in different forms to decorate dresses, tops and skirts. The most dramatic styles of the collection are made of hand-assembled floral appliques and look like a flower itself. 

Julie Paskal considers the Spring-Summer 2021 collection to be relief and reflection of the unbearable desire to live no matter what. There is always sunshine after the rain and there is always life after death.