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In the new season designer Julie Paskal introduces the native Black Sea coast to her heroine. The Black sea becomes a metaphor of transition to tenderness, warmth and serenity. The surface of the sea and diverse flora and fauna are expressed by means of color, silhouette and decor.

Brown and green algae appear in the form of an endless fringe. Black Sea jellyfish come to life as ample frills and subtle ruffles on dresses and coats. Fluorescent scales of coastal fish reflect with the laser cut technique. Walking along the coast, PASKAL's heroine collects sea stones and pieces of glass, polished by the waves and sand. Likewise, smooth are the fabrics and textures of S/S 2015 collection – the brands traditional satin and chiffon surprisingly blend with artificial fur.

The color palette of the collection is inspired by the surface of the sea, glittering under the sun. Focal colors are mint, pale pink, white and deep blue. In place of rigid geometric form come free silhouettes and delicate frills. Now PASKAL's heroine favors simple cut dresses, coats with shortened sleeves, flared skirts, mini-shorts and tops, she longs for peace and tranquility. Such a shift of paradigms is anticipated and genuine for only in the warm sea, gently immersing the body, one can soothe and relax to a state of absolute serenity.