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PASKAL Spring-Summer 2020 collection is the story about rebirth. Julie Paskal uses one of the most common natural transformations to fulfill this idea in the collection, exploring the life cycle of the butterfly. 

In Julie Paskal’s opinion, "butterfly" is an ambivalent symbol — metaphor of life and death. On the one hand, butterfly is an epitome of beauty and fragility, but on the other, it embodies the idea of disposability and transience of life. 

Collection visually divided into two stylistic blocks. First block reveals “caterpillar” and “cocoon” phases, which designer embodies in modular mini-dresses, sexy fitted corset and bustier dresses and glossy latex outerwear. 

Second block is the celebration of butterfly’s life. Moderate color palette of the first block replaces with splash of candy pink, indigo blue and coral orange. Designer refers to Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, where whole populations of butterflies hibernate, sticking around the trees. Julie Paskal achieves the same effect by assembling lightweight butterfly-shaped appliques around the woman body.

PASKAL SS20 collection is a personal story of the designer. Julie Paskal went through numerous transformations in the recent past and she wants every woman to celebrate life free of fears and toxicity.