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PASKAL Pre-Spring 2017 collection inspired by the multifaceted feeling of the first love. Julie Paskal captures very intimate transition moment, when childhood dreams face with desperation and ennui. This controversial moment full of mood diversity and as a result Julie Paskal picks up asymmetry and contrast as her main tools for creating the collection. Soft cotton is mixing up with a structural atlas and becoming the main combination in skirts, dresses and tops. Light semitransparent floral organza embodies naturalness, feeling of the lightness and simplicity. Collection ends up with structured laser-cut floral dresses and fluorescent coats. Color palette of the collection is contrast - soft white, blue and nude are  mixed with solid acid orange and pink. Romance and the feeling of the first love is incarnated in the typical for PASKAL fit & flare silhouettes and lavish decor in form of frills and ruffles.

Julie Paskal decodes flower symbol as symbol of love and life. Flower becomes the  manifesto of the lifetime and its changing nature. Because after all everything is born to blossom.