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The house is a place where things can go wrong. And they do, all the time”, - says David Lynch. PASKAL Pre-Fall 2016 collection is dedicated to a special type of house. Dacha is a typical post-soviet country house with a kitchen garden. People comes here to seclude, go fishing and merge with nature. Too most a dacha now resembles a storehouse where things are gathered to stay for years and then continue transforming and changing their context from year to year. 

Houseware, old clothes, furniture, eclectic interiors and remnants of local culture become an inspiration for the designer, Julie Paskal. 

Countryside aesthetic are brought by typical rustic elements - vichy and houndstooth patterns, quilted tweed and handcrafted lace details. Julie shows slow transformation through the smooth curves of ruffles and thrills. The silhouettes are free and comfortable. The color palette is humble, with rough splashes of blood red and electric blue. A new development for the brand - knitting - carefully enters the collection in form of textured cropped sweaters. 

PASKAL Pre-Fall 2016 collection shows an alternative femininity projected by a flash of roughness and ease.