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For the first time in three years, PASKAL is back on the runway. Ukrainian brand reveals the new collection ‘Out of the Cocoon’.

One look at butterfly wings can change everything. Once, this change was coveted, then it was forgotten, and now it feels unbidden and irresistibly true. The finiteness and eternity become evident, the transience of life makes it even more beautiful, and the order of things is a display of cyclicity. A butterfly carries the weight of these notions on its ethereal wings, being a symbol of transformative fragile beauty.  

The leitmotif of the ‘Out of the Cocoon’ collection — a butterfly — is exposed on the voluminous tops, mini-dresses, and skirts. Silk slip dresses, embellished with glass organza butterflies, are the dominant element of the PASKAL playful silhouettes. Other silhouettes are sculptural, constructed as art objects from techno-crepe and synthetic satin with the laser-cut finishing — a recognisable PASKAL signature.

Julie Paskal examines honesty and sexuality with a mature and sensual approach. The beauty feels direct and raw, free of illusions, still imaginary. The cutouts are covered with laser-cut butterflies, their transparency enhances the body- and spirit-revealing capability of the PASKAL designs. 

The colour spectrum mimics the natural tones: sometimes neutral, sometimes exotic, indivisible in the synchronicity. The black and the white are opposed to the rainbow gradient, with the baby blue and baby pink shades happening in between. Complete monochrome is challenged with pops of colour and fantasy shiny crystals. Their facets spread the light through non-linear time. The layers of chaos unfold in the poetry of every day, brutally, yet entrancingly. The event horizon is wide as ever. It’s clear as ever, a tiny dot moves over it, it’s getting closer, with the flapping sound from an abandoned dream. 


Here comes the butterfly.