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Julie Paskal's AW21 inspiration stems from diving into her inner world and the state of enjoying it, close to transcendental meditation.

The designer wants to see it full of bright colors and rainbows and imagines loose-fit outfits, which give us the freedom to move and create.
"The new PASKAL AW21 collection is sprinkled with flowers and hearts, the silhouette is playful. I wanted to evoke another state, a treasure that lies at the bottom of our inner oceans – the unconditional love. Dresses and coats channel bizarre creations of our minds and beautiful corals that we meet on the road to our inner silence and happiness.

It is a relief and a reflection of my personal way of pursuing and finding a state of inner peace and love" – Julie Paskal.
The designer thinks a lot about the human factors and the impact they have on the
environment. Henceforth, part of the collection consists of sustainable pieces, which are either made of materials from the previous collections like twisting models or with the new environmentally-friendly materials