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PASKAL Autumn-Winter 2017-18 collection is a personal story. As she spent the final month of her pregnancy in Tel-Aviv, Julie Paskal was exploring the city. She was admiring the architecture, interacting with the environment and making notes. The inspiration for the collection followed: Tel-Aviv’s retrofuturistic Bauhaus with its awkward curves, shapes and textures.

Julie uses technical materials: milk-white lace, enclosed in transparent vinyls and 3D-flowers made of reflective fabric. Contrasting color palette of the collection is a reminiscence of the contrast between stone and subtropical plants, urbanism and nature. Black is the dominant color confronted by a bright splash of greens: mint and apple green, as well as white floral lace and atlas print, both revealing the purity and innocence.

PASKAL AW17-18 collection is an exploration of the internal and external movement, a reflection of Julie’s own feelings and the environment around her.